Neighbors Together

Neighbors Together is a unique initiative under the Strengthening VC Families brand that is set in place specifically for families who have been offered family reunification or family maintenance services. The initiative provides families and parents the opportunity to reunify with their children in the safest way possible.  

neighbors together image

Part of working with Neighbors Together is working specifically with families in the Oxnard area and providing intensive case management services, working in conjunction with a multitude of resourceful programs,  in order to safely guide families through the reunification process.  

Within the Strengthening VC Families brand, lies a multitude of initiatives designed to guide resource families, biological families, as well as children and older youth along a successful road toward safety and reunification whenever it is possible.

Each program has a unique function that offers important resources to Ventura County families in need, ranging from business support including discounts, mentorship, and jobs; family recruitment support including ongoing requests for safe and loving homes for children and older youth in care; and awareness education to protect vulnerable children and youth in Ventura County.  

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