Faith in Motion (FIM) is a unique collaboration between the County of Ventura Children and Family Services and Ventura County faith communities. With approximately 700 children in out-of-home (foster) care in Ventura County, we invite faith communities who care about highly vulnerable children to join our work towards hearts mended, families restored, and hope renewed.

Faith in Motion’s main goals are to:

  • Support resource families, children, teens and birth families
  • Recruit high quality resource families within the faith community

 We believe faith communities have the opportunity to make a big difference with our children, teens and families because of their location in every neighborhood, their existing support circles, and their spiritual motivation. In partnership together, the county and faith communities can be very effective in finding resource families to offer unconditional support for children and youth in Ventura County.

To learn more about Faith in Motion, contact us at Strengthening VC Families: or 805-654-3220.

Proud members of Strengthening VC Families Faith Community